Helaine Silverman, William H. Isbell




Handbook of South American Archaeology


The most comprehensive coverage of the South American continentThe biggest names in South American archaeology and anthropology from around the globe Organized to bring researchers of specific areas to awareness of other cultures and histories of the continent


Springer New York

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  • BookChapter: Chavín de Huántar and Its Sphere of Influence
  • BookChapter: Continental Introduction
  • BookChapter: The Mochicas
  • BookChapter: Prehistoric Funeral Practices in the Brazilian Amazon: The Maracá Urns
  • BookChapter: Modernity and Politics in Colombian Archaeology
  • BookChapter: The Pampas and Campos of South America
  • BookChapter: The Tupi Expansion
  • BookChapter: Early Cultural Complexity on the Coast of Peru
  • BookChapter: Amazonian Mosaics: Identity, Interaction, and Integration in the Tropical Forest
  • BookChapter: Public Archaeology and Management of the Brazilian Archaeological-Cultural Heritage
  • BookChapter: Experiencing Inca Domination in Northwestern Argentina and the Southern Andes
  • BookChapter: The Chimú Empire
  • BookChapter: The Ecuadorian Formative
  • BookChapter: The Prehistory of Venezuela – Not Necessarily an Intermediate Area
  • BookChapter: Amazonia: The Historical Ecology of a Domesticated Landscape
  • BookChapter: The Llanos de Mojos
  • BookChapter: High Elevation Foraging Societies
  • BookChapter: Pre-Columbian Mound Complexes in the Upano River Valley, Lowland Ecuador
  • BookChapter: Chiefdoms of Southwestern Colombia
  • BookChapter: Animal Domestication in South America
  • BookChapter: Chinchorro Culture: Pioneers of the Coast of the Atacama Desert
  • BookChapter: Cultural Heritage Management in Peru: Current and Future Challenges
  • BookChapter: Central Andean Environments
  • BookChapter: Sambaqui (Shell Mound) Societies of Coastal Brazil
  • BookChapter: Ancestor Images in the Andes
  • BookChapter: Early Fishing Societies in Western South America
  • BookChapter: Early Regional Polities of Coastal Ecuador
  • BookChapter: The Bennett Monolith: Archaeological Patrimony and Cultural Restitution in Bolivia
  • BookChapter: Profiles in Pleistocene History
  • BookChapter: Cultural Boundaries and Crossings: Ecuador and Peru
  • BookChapter: The Archaeology of the Guianas: An Overview
  • BookChapter: Andean Urbanism
  • BookChapter: Plant Domestication and the Shift to Agriculture in the Andes
  • BookChapter: Trophy Head-Taking and Human Sacrifice in Andean South America
  • BookChapter: Interaction and Social Fields in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile
  • BookChapter: From the Erasure to the Rewriting of Indigenous Pasts: The Troubled Life of Archaeology in Uruguay
  • BookChapter: The Archaeology of Northern Chile
  • BookChapter: Archaeology, Globalization and the Nation: Appropriating the Past in Ecuador
  • BookChapter: The Inca Empire
  • BookChapter: Between Horizons: Diverse Configurations of Society and Power in the Late Pre-Hispanic Central Andes
  • BookChapter: The Formative Period in the Titicaca Basin
  • BookChapter: Chachapoyas: Cultural Development at an Andean Cloud Forest Crossroads
  • BookChapter: Agricultural Earthworks on the French Guiana Coast
  • BookChapter: Conclusion
  • BookChapter: Life on the Move: Bioarchaeological Contributions to the Study of Migration and Diaspora Communities in the Andes
  • BookChapter: Wari and Tiwanaku: International Identities in the Central Andean Middle Horizon
  • BookChapter: Paracas and Nasca: Regional Cultures on the South Coast of Peru
  • BookChapter: Late Pre-Hispanic Polities of Coastal Ecuador
  • BookChapter: The Inca Khipu: Knotted-Cord Record Keeping in the Andes
  • BookChapter: Late Pre-Hispanic Chiefdoms of Highland Ecuador
  • BookChapter: The Process of Sedentism in Northwestern South America
  • BookChapter: The Nonagricultural Chiefdoms of Marajó Island
  • BookChapter: Barrancoid and Arauquinoid Mound Builders in Coastal Suriname
  • BookChapter: Late Pre-Hispanic Chiefdoms of Northern Colombia and the Formation of Anthropogenic Landscapes
  • BookChapter: The Archaeology of Agriculture in Ancient Amazonia
  • BookChapter: Early Occupations in the Southern Cone
  • BookChapter: Inter-zonal Relationships in Ecuador
  • BookChapter: Social Landscapes in Pre-Inca Northwestern Argentina
  • BookChapter: Ecology, Ceramic Chronology and Distribution, Long-term History, and Political Change in the Amazonian Floodplain


  • Social Sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology

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