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Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture, Volume I


Proceedings from the first conference of its kind in practical computer and computing applications in agriculture


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  • China Agricultural University


  • Conference: International Conference On Computer And Computing Technologies In Agriculture


  • BookChapter: Decision Support System for Risk Management in Aquatic Products Export Trade, China
  • BookChapter: Simulating Land Use/Cover Changes of Nenjiang County Based on CA-Markov Model
  • BookChapter: Research of Automatic Monitoring System of Reservoir Based on Embedded System
  • BookChapter: Regional Country Information Service Platform Based on Hybrid Network
  • BookChapter: Control Systems in Our Daily Life
  • BookChapter: The Hardware Research of Dual-port RAM for Main-spare CPU in Rural Power Terminal System of Power Quantity Collection
  • BookChapter: The Research on Grain Reserve Intelligent Audit Method and Implementation in Three-dimensional Stores
  • BookChapter: Application of GIS and Geostatistics to Characterize Spatial Variation of Soil Fluoride on Hang-Jia-Hu Plain, China
  • BookChapter: Geospatial Computational Grid for Digital Forestry with the Interoperability
  • BookChapter: Design of Data Center's High Reliability in Large Agricultural Enterprise
  • BookChapter: How to Develop Rural Informatization in China
  • BookChapter: Constructing an Informational Platform for Family and School Using GPRS
  • BookChapter: Crop Disease Leaf Image Segmentation Method Based on Color Features
  • BookChapter: GIS Combined with MCE to Evaluate Land Quality
  • BookChapter: Soil Water Content Forecasting by Support Vector Machine in Purple Hilly Region
  • BookChapter: Research of Sluice Monitoring System Based on GPRS and PLC
  • BookChapter: Study on Suitability Evaluation Model of New Maize Varieties
  • BookChapter: Web-based Expert System of Wheat and Corn Growth Management
  • BookChapter: A Theory Model for Description of the Electrical Signals in Plant Part I
  • BookChapter: The Key of Bulk Warehouse Grain Quantity Recognition
  • BookChapter: Research on Monitoring Technology of Digital Reservoir
  • BookChapter: Research on the Spatial Variability of Soil Moisture Based on GIS
  • BookChapter: Parameterized Computer Aided Design of Stubble Cleaner
  • BookChapter: Forecast Research of Droplet Size Based on Grey Theory
  • BookChapter: Construction of Agricultural Products Logistics Information System Based on .Net and Wap
  • BookChapter: Study on Real-time Video Transportation for National Grain Depot
  • BookChapter: Rice Shape Parameter Detection Based on Image Processing
  • BookChapter: Polymorphism of Microsatellite Sequence within Protein Kinase ORFs in Phytopathogenic Fungus, Magnaporthe Grisea
  • BookChapter: Research of RFID Middleware in Precision Feeding System of Breeder Swine
  • BookChapter: Design and Implementation of a Mobile Management System for Campus Server
  • BookChapter: Computer Simulation of the Pesticide Deposition Distribution in Horizontal Direction Spray
  • BookChapter: Representation and Calculation method of Plant Root
  • BookChapter: Study on Establishment Soybean Controllable Structural Model
  • BookChapter: Study on the Application of Digital Irrigation Area System
  • BookChapter: Research on Quality Standard of Rural Information
  • BookChapter: An Improved Fast Brain Learning Algorithm
  • BookChapter: An Agent-based Population Model for China
  • BookChapter: Research on Dynamic Change of Grassland in West Jilin Province Based on 3S Technology
  • BookChapter: The Enlightenment to China of E-government Application in Rural Areas from Japan, South Korea and India
  • BookChapter: Chinese Agricultural Status, Issues and Strategies of the Development of Electronic Commerce
  • BookChapter: Research and System Realization of Food Security Assessment in Liaoning Province Based on Grey Model
  • BookChapter: Reduction in Agricultural Tax and the Income Growth of Rural Residents: An Empirical Study
  • BookChapter: Analysis of Virtual Reality Technology Applications in Agriculture
  • BookChapter: Role's Functions in CMS
  • BookChapter: Ontology-based Agricultural Knowledge Acquisition and Application
  • BookChapter: Development for Breeding Performance Management System on Pig Farms
  • BookChapter: Polymorphism of Microsatellite Sequence within ABC Transporter Genes in Phytopathogenic Fungus, Magnaporthe Grisea
  • BookChapter: A Scheme for Share and Exploitation of Network Agricultural Information Based on B/S Structure
  • BookChapter: Study of Corn Optimization Irrigation Model by Genetic Algorithms
  • BookChapter: The Short Message Management System Based on J2ME
  • BookChapter: Study on Linear Appraisal of Dairy Cow's Conformation Based on Image Processing
  • BookChapter: A Fast Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm for Biosequences Alignment
  • BookChapter: Development of a Data Mining Application for Agriculture Based on Bayesian Networks
  • BookChapter: Approach of Developing Spatial Distribution Maps of Soil Nutrients
  • BookChapter: Research on Precision Irrigation in Western Semiarid Area of Heilongjiang Province in China Based on GIS
  • BookChapter: Long-range Monitoring System of Irrigated Area Based on Multi-Agent and GSM
  • BookChapter: The Design of Fruit Automated Sorting System
  • BookChapter: Differentially Gene Expression in the Brain of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Response to Cold Acclimation
  • BookChapter: An Integrated Approach to Agricultural Crop Classification Using SPOT5 HRV Images
  • BookChapter: Content Share in CMS
  • BookChapter: An Efficient New Method on Accurately Estimating Galileo VPL
  • BookChapter: Hyperspectral Laser-induced Fluorescence Imaging for Nondestructive Assessing Soluble Solids Content of Orange
  • BookChapter: Research and Development of the Information Management System of Agricultural Science and Technology to Farmer Based on GIS
  • BookChapter: Multicast in Mobile ad hoc Networks
  • BookChapter: Human-computer Interface Development of Wireless Monitoring System Based on MiniGUI
  • BookChapter: Self-adaptive Fuzzy Decision Map Matching Algorithm Based on GIS Buffer in LCS
  • BookChapter: Measurement and Prediction of Stress-strain for Extruded Oilseed Using Neural Networks Under Uniaxial Cold Pressing
  • BookChapter: Explore a New Way to Convert a Recursion Algorithm into a Non-recursion Algorithm
  • BookChapter: New Fast Detection Method of Forest Fire Monitoring and Application Based on FY-1D/MVISR Data
  • BookChapter: Simulating Soil Water and Solute Transport in a Soil-wheat System Using an Improved Genetic Algorithm
  • BookChapter: Information Technology Speeding up Circulation of Rural Economy
  • BookChapter: Study on Maize Leaf Morphological Modeling and Mesh Simplification of Surface
  • BookChapter: Research and Design on Domain-agriculture-crops Software Architecture Oriented Adaptive Model
  • BookChapter: Implementation Scheme of Agricultural Content Management System
  • BookChapter: Research on Low Altitude Image Acquisition System
  • BookChapter: Design and Full-car Tests of Electric Power Steering System
  • BookChapter: A Threshold-based Similarity Relation Under Incomplete Information
  • BookChapter: The Construction and Implementation of Digitization Platform for Precision Feeding of Commercial Pig
  • BookChapter: A Bioeconomic Model by Quantitative Biology to Estimate Swine Production
  • BookChapter: Research on Machine Vision Based Agricultural Automatic Guidance Systems


  • Special Purpose And Application-Based Systems
  • Theory Of Computation
  • Simulation And Modeling
  • Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
  • Life Sciences
  • Agriculture

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