Chella S. David, Igor K. Egorov




Transgenic Mice and Mutants in MHC Research




Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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  • Book: 978-3-642-75442-5 (eBook)
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  • BookChapter: Cloned Trans-Acting Factors that Bind to the Regulatory Elements of the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Gene
  • BookChapter: Mouse Mutants Affecting Growth and Metastasis of a Syngeneic Tumor
  • BookChapter: Highly Immunogenic Transformed Tumor Clones Expressing Allogeneic Class I Histocompatibility Gene Demonstrate a Specific Immunotherapeutic Affect Against the Parental Tumor
  • BookChapter: Altered Recognition of LCMV Antigen Presented on Mutant Class I Molecules
  • BookChapter: Novel MHC Variants Spliced by Overlap Extension
  • BookChapter: Graft Specific MHC Class II Gene Expression During Allograft Response
  • BookChapter: HLA-B27 and Arthritis
  • BookChapter: Products of Separate Genes Encoded Within Minor Histocompatibility Loci Stimulate Class I and Class II MHC-Restricted T Cells
  • BookChapter: Cytotoxic T Cell Responses Against Human Class I Molecules in Normal and HLA-A2.1 Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Transgene Induced MHC Mismatch Results in Rapid Natural Killer Cell Dependent Elimination of Lymphoma Cells
  • BookChapter: Analysis of HLA-B27-Specific T-Cell Epitopes with Site-Directed Mutants Mimicking HLA-B27 Polymorphism
  • BookChapter: Relationship Between Class II Structure and B Cell Signaling
  • BookChapter: Regulation of Expression of Human MHC Class I Heavy (HLA-B7) and Light (hβ 2-m) Chain Genes in Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: The Effect of Copy Number on mRNA and Cell Surface Expression of an Aβ k Transgene
  • BookChapter: Male Sterility in HLA-B27-Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: The Functional Significance of Amino Acid Polymorphisms in Class I MHC Molecules
  • BookChapter: Regulation of Class I MHC Expression: In Vivo Function of Regulatory DNA Sequence Elements in Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Expression and Function in a Transgenic Mouse of an H-2Kb Variant Gene Obtained by Site-Directed Mutagenesis in a Kbm1 Mutant Mouse
  • BookChapter: Construction of Retroviral Vectors for the Study of Tissue-Specific Regulation of Human MHC Class II Genes
  • BookChapter: H-2-Restricted Recognition of Xeno-MHC Antigens by Primary Mouse Cytotoxic T Cells is the Exception Rather than the Rule
  • BookChapter: Transgenic Mice with MHC Class II Genes: The Use in the Study of Allelic α/β Chain Pairing and the Production of Engineered Mice with Mutant I-A Genes
  • BookChapter: Microgene Conversion in the Evolution of the MHC Class I Multigene Family
  • BookChapter: Influence of MHC and Non-MHC Genes on Tumorigenesis and the Use of the Recombinant Congenic Strains as a Novel Tool for the Genetic Analysis of Tumor Susceptibility
  • BookChapter: T Cell Recognition of Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigens in HLA Class II Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: The Role of Amino Acid Position and Side Chain Structure in Serological and CTL-Defined Epitopes on the HLA-A2.1 Molecule
  • BookChapter: Human HLA-B27 Antigen in Transgenic Mice can Function as a Major Histocompatibility Antigen
  • BookChapter: Analysis of the HLA-Cw3 Specific CTL Response of HLA-B7 x Human β2 Microglobulin Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Expression of a Non-Classical Class I Gene in Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Role of Ia Antigens in Clonal Deletion of T Cells: Studies with Recombinant and Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Multivalent Requirement for the Stimulation of Alloreactive T Cells: Studies with Engineered Soluble MHC Class I Proteins In Vitro and In Vivo
  • BookChapter: HLA-B27 Transgenic Mice as Potential Models of Human Disease
  • BookChapter: Random Mutagenesis by Oligonucleotides: A Probe for MHC Structure and Function
  • BookChapter: Two Amino Acids on the α Helical Region of the α1 Domain Form Multiple Epitopes Recognized by HLA-Bw52 Specific Human Cytotoxic T Cell
  • BookChapter: Transcriptional Regulation of MHC Class II Gene Expression: Are MHC Class II Genes Coordinately Regulated?
  • BookChapter: The Lyt-2 Accessory Molecule is Responsible for the Weak Mouse Anti-HLA Xeno-Response
  • BookChapter: Determination of Distinction Odortypes by Mutation of Class I and Class II MHC Genes
  • BookChapter: Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-Directed Gene Expression in Transgenic Mice
  • BookChapter: Clonal Anergy in Transgenic Mice with Pancreatic Expression of MHC Class II I-E
  • BookChapter: Spontaneous Frequency of H-2 Mutations
  • BookChapter: Copy Number and the Presence of Human β 2-Microglobulin Control Cell Surface Expression of HLA-B27 Antigen in Transgenic Mice with a 25 kb B27 Gene Fragment


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  • Human Genetics
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Oncology
  • Biomedical Engineering

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