Anne Hout, Isabel Pav?o Martins, Alexandre Castro-Caldas, Hugo R. Dongen


Contributed volume


Acquired Aphasia in Children




Springer Netherlands

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  • Book: 978-0-7923-1315-1 (Book)
  • Book: 978-94-011-3582-5 (eBook)

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  • Hospital De Santa Maria
  • Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc
  • Erasmus University Medical Center


  • BookChapter: The Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: Rehabilitation
  • BookChapter: The Acquisition of Language in Normally Developing Children: Some Basic Strategies and Approaches
  • BookChapter: Characteristics of Language in Acquired Aphasia in Children
  • BookChapter: Fluent Aphasia in Children
  • BookChapter: Outcome of Acquired Aphasia in Childhood: Prognosis Factors
  • BookChapter: Acquired Childhood Aphasia: Outcome One Year After Onset
  • BookChapter: Type of Aphasia and Lesions’ Localization
  • BookChapter: The Ontogenesis of Hemispheric Specialization: Insights from Acquired Aphasia of Childhood
  • BookChapter: Recovery from Aphasia and Lesion Size in the Temporal Lobe
  • BookChapter: Selective Deficits in Language Comprehension Following Early Left and Right Hemisphere Damage
  • BookChapter: Crossed Aphasia as a Model of Atypical Specialization
  • BookChapter: Late Sequelae of Right Versus Left Hemispheric Lesions
  • BookChapter: Test Battery for Language and Speech Assessment
  • BookChapter: Symptom Pattern and Recovery Outcome in Childhood Aphasia: A Methodological and Theoretical Critique
  • BookChapter: Scholastic Achievement After Early Brain Lesions
  • BookChapter: Introduction
  • BookChapter: The Conception and Embarrassing Birth of an Eponym
  • BookChapter: Patient Selection in Studies of Aphasia Acquired in Childhood
  • BookChapter: Speech Therapy in Landau and Kleffner Syndrome
  • BookChapter: The Role of Central Activation (Arousal) in the Recovery of Cognitive Functions after Cerebral Injury in Children
  • BookChapter: Clinical Techniques to Assess Language in Young Children
  • BookChapter: Analysis of Lesion Localization and Size
  • BookChapter: Natural History, Course and Prognosis of the Landau and Kleffner Syndrome
  • BookChapter: The Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: Diagnostic Considerations


  • Medicine & Public Health
  • Neurology
  • Psycholinguistics

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    21 sg:subtitle Acquisition and Breakdown of Language in the Developing Brain
    22 sg:title Acquired Aphasia in Children
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