Tam?s Rapcs?k, S?ndor Koml?si, Franco Giannessi


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New Trends in Mathematical Programming




Springer US

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  • Book: 978-0-7923-5036-1 (Book)
  • Book: 978-1-4757-2878-1 (eBook)

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  • Hungarian Academy Of Sciences
  • University Of Pisa
  • University Of Pecs


  • BookChapter: A common root of three minimization problems
  • BookChapter: Separation and regularity in the image space
  • BookChapter: Criteria for Generalized Monotonicity
  • BookChapter: A Tabu Based Pattern Search Method for the Distance Geometry Problem
  • BookChapter: Dynamic models and generalized equilibrium problems
  • BookChapter: Necessary conditions for two-function minimax inequalities
  • BookChapter: Steven Vajda, 1901 – 1995
  • BookChapter: On Testing SLP Codes with SLP-IOR
  • BookChapter: Some Properties of Dini-Derivatives of Quasiconvex Functions
  • BookChapter: Geometrical solution of weighted Fermat problem about triangles
  • BookChapter: On the k — out — of — r — from — n : F System with Unequal Element Probabilities
  • BookChapter: On Minty Variational Principle
  • BookChapter: Programming Under Probabilistic Constraint with Discrete Random Variable
  • BookChapter: On Primal—Dual Path—Following Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming
  • BookChapter: The Fermat—Weber problem and the Lagrangian duality theory
  • BookChapter: Ordering Heuristics in Interior Point LP Methods
  • BookChapter: Fitting Circles and Spheres to Coordinate Measuring Machine Data
  • BookChapter: Variable metric methods along geodetics
  • BookChapter: Longest Fragment First Algorithms for Data Compression
  • BookChapter: Linear Operators and Stochastic Dominance
  • BookChapter: A Piecewise Linear Dual Procedure in Mixed Integer Programming
  • BookChapter: Single-facility location problems with arbitrary weights


  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering/Programming And Operating Systems
  • Discrete Mathematics In Computer Science
  • Computational Mathematics And Numerical Analysis
  • Algorithms
  • Mathematical Modeling And Industrial Mathematics
  • Optimization

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    24 sg:subtitle Homage to Steven Vajda
    25 sg:title New Trends in Mathematical Programming
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