Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Paolo Rosso, Mandar Mitra, Prasenjit Majumder, Danish Contractor, L. Venkata Subramaniam




Multi-lingual Information Access in South Asian Languages


Second and Third Workshop on Multi-lingual Information Access in South Asian Languages, FIRE 2010 and 2011


Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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  • Book: 978-3-642-40086-5 (Book)
  • Book: 978-3-642-40087-2 (eBook)

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  • Polytechnic University Of Valencia
  • Indian Statistical Institute
  • Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay
  • Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Of Information And Communication Technology


  • BookChapter: Query Expansion Based on Equi-Width and Equi-Frequency Partition
  • BookChapter: Improving Cross-Language Information Retrieval by Transliteration Mining and Generation
  • BookChapter: SMS Normalization for FAQ Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Overview of the FIRE 2011 RISOT Task
  • BookChapter: Overview of the Personalized and Collaborative Information Retrieval (PIR) Track at FIRE-2011
  • BookChapter: Simple Transliteration for CLIR
  • BookChapter: Term Conflation and Blind Relevance Feedback for Information Retrieval on Indian Languages
  • BookChapter: SMS Normalisation, Retrieval and Out-of-Domain Detection Approaches for SMS-Based FAQ Retrieval
  • BookChapter: PAN@FIRE: Overview of the Cross-Language !ndian Text Re-Use Detection Competition
  • BookChapter: ISM@FIRE-2011 Bengali Monolingual Task: A Frequency-Based Stemmer
  • BookChapter: Maryland at FIRE 2011: Retrieval of OCR’d Bengali
  • BookChapter: SMS Based FAQ Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Frequent Case Generation in Ad Hoc Retrieval of Three Indian Languages – Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi
  • BookChapter: Mapping SMSes to Plain Text FAQs
  • BookChapter: Ad Hoc Retrieval with Marathi Language
  • BookChapter: SMS Based FAQ Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Indexing
  • BookChapter: Overview of FIRE 2011
  • BookChapter: Improving Accuracy of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval System
  • BookChapter: Retrieval from OCR Text: RISOT Track
  • BookChapter: Text Retrieval Using SMS Queries: Datasets and Overview of FIRE 2011 Track on SMS-Based FAQ Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Two Models for the SMS-Based FAQ Retrieval Task of FIRE 2011
  • BookChapter: UTA Stemming and Lemmatization Experiments in the FIRE Bengali Ad Hoc Task
  • BookChapter: Test Collections and Evaluation Metrics Based on Graded Relevance
  • BookChapter: Mapping Hindi-English Text Re-use Document Pairs
  • BookChapter: Tamil English Cross Lingual Information Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Overview of FIRE 2010
  • BookChapter: Language Modeling Approach to Retrieval for SMS and FAQ Matching
  • BookChapter: Information Retrieval with Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi Languages: Evaluation and Analysis
  • BookChapter: Data-Driven Methods for SMS-Based FAQ Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Cross Lingual Text Reuse Detection Based on Keyphrase Extraction and Similarity Measures


  • Computer Science
  • Information Storage And Retrieval
  • Artificial Intelligence (Incl. Robotics)
  • Document Preparation And Text Processing
  • Asian Languages

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    26 sg:scigraphId 33b4bd27317f2b1481ff2b3636a62459
    27 sg:subtitle Second and Third Workshop of the Forum for Information Retrieval, FIRE 2010 and FIRE 2011, held in Gandhinagar, India, February 19-20, and in Bombay, India, December 2-4, 2011
    28 sg:title Multi-lingual Information Access in South Asian Languages
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