Takashi Washio, Zhi-Hua Zhou




Advances in Machine Learning




Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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  • Book: 978-3-642-05224-8 (eBook)
  • Book: 978-3-642-05223-1 (Book)

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  • Osaka University
  • Nanjing University


  • Conference: Asian Conference On Machine Learning


  • BookChapter: Automatic Choice of Control Measurements
  • BookChapter: Density Ratio Estimation: A New Versatile Tool for Machine Learning
  • BookChapter: Community Detection on Weighted Networks: A Variational Bayesian Method
  • BookChapter: Injecting Structured Data to Generative Topic Model in Enterprise Settings
  • BookChapter: A Reformulation of Support Vector Machines for General Confidence Functions
  • BookChapter: Machine Learning and Ecosystem Informatics: Challenges and Opportunities
  • BookChapter: Cost-Sensitive Boosting: Fitting an Additive Asymmetric Logistic Regression Model
  • BookChapter: Improving Adaptive Bagging Methods for Evolving Data Streams
  • BookChapter: Weighted Nonnegative Matrix Co-Tri-Factorization for Collaborative Prediction
  • BookChapter: On Compressibility and Acceleration of Orthogonal NMF for POMDP Compression
  • BookChapter: Feature Selection via Maximizing Neighborhood Soft Margin
  • BookChapter: Estimating Likelihoods for Topic Models
  • BookChapter: Privacy-Preserving Evaluation of Generalization Error and Its Application to Model and Attribute Selection
  • BookChapter: Accurate Probabilistic Error Bound for Eigenvalues of Kernel Matrix
  • BookChapter: Context-Aware Online Commercial Intention Detection
  • BookChapter: Max-margin Multiple-Instance Learning via Semidefinite Programming
  • BookChapter: Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Poker Using Expected Reward Distributions
  • BookChapter: Building a Decision Cluster Forest Model to Classify High Dimensional Data with Multi-classes
  • BookChapter: Linear Time Model Selection for Mixture of Heterogeneous Components
  • BookChapter: A Hierarchical Face Recognition Algorithm
  • BookChapter: Learning Algorithms for Domain Adaptation
  • BookChapter: Learning Continuous-Time Information Diffusion Model for Social Behavioral Data Analysis
  • BookChapter: Coupled Metric Learning for Face Recognition with Degraded Images
  • BookChapter: Mining Multi-label Concept-Drifting Data Streams Using Dynamic Classifier Ensemble
  • BookChapter: Transfer Learning beyond Text Classification
  • BookChapter: Conditional Density Estimation with Class Probability Estimators
  • BookChapter: Query Selection via Weighted Entropy in Graph-Based Semi-supervised Classification
  • BookChapter: Averaged Naive Bayes Trees: A New Extension of AODE
  • BookChapter: Coping with Distribution Change in the Same Domain Using Similarity-Based Instance Weighting
  • BookChapter: Robust Discriminant Analysis Based on Nonparametric Maximum Entropy


  • Computer Science
  • Models And Principles
  • Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery
  • Artificial Intelligence (Incl. Robotics)
  • Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition And Graphics
  • Image Processing And Computer Vision
  • Pattern Recognition

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    23 sg:subtitle First Asian Conference on Machine Learning, ACML 2009, Nanjing, China, November 2-4, 2009. Proceedings
    24 sg:title Advances in Machine Learning
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