Mahyar A. Amouzegar, Burghard Rieger, Sio-Iong Ao




Machine Learning and Systems Engineering


Offers the state of the art of tremendous advances in machine learning and systems engineeringServes as an excellent reference text for researchers and graduate students, working on machine learning and systems engineeringContains forty-six revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers


Springer Netherlands

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  • Book: 978-90-481-9419-3 (eBook)
  • Book: 978-90-481-9418-6 (Book)

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  • University Of Trier
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • International Association Of Engineers


  • BookChapter: Multigrid Finite Volume Method for FGF-2 Transport and Binding
  • BookChapter: Texture Features Extraction in Mammograms Using Non-Shannon Entropies
  • BookChapter: Analysis of Priority Rule-Based Scheduling in Dual-Resource-Constrained Shop-Floor Scenarios
  • BookChapter: Adaptive and Neural Learning for Biped Robot Actuator Control
  • BookChapter: Towards Performance Analysis of Ad hoc Multimedia Network
  • BookChapter: Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis for Battery Electric Vehicles
  • BookChapter: ClusterDAM: Clustering Mechanism for Delivery of Adaptive Multimedia Content in Two-Hop Wireless Networks
  • BookChapter: Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization and Machine Learning: Application to Renewable Energy Predictions
  • BookChapter: Robust Tracking and Control of MIMO Processes with Input Saturation and Unknown Disturbance
  • BookChapter: Parameter Identification of a Nonlinear Two Mass System Using Prior Knowledge
  • BookChapter: A Free and Didactic Implementation of the SEND Protocol for IPv6
  • BookChapter: Ranking Intervals in Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems Using Intrinsic Ordering
  • BookChapter: A Wideband DOA Estimation Method Based on Arbitrary Group Delay
  • BookChapter: Analysing Multiobjective Fitness Function with Finite State Automata
  • BookChapter: Towards the Performance Optimization of Public-key Algorithms Using Fuzzy Modular Arithematic and Addition Chain
  • BookChapter: A Survey of Network Benchmark Tools
  • BookChapter: A Hybrid Framework for Servo-Actuated Systems Fault Diagnosis
  • BookChapter: A Development of Data-Logger for Indoor Environment
  • BookChapter: Study of Pitchfork Bifurcation in Discrete Hopfield Neural Network
  • BookChapter: Hybriding Intelligent Host-Based and Network-Based Stepping Stone Detections
  • BookChapter: A Combined Cycle Power Plant Simulator: A Powerful, Competitive, and Useful Tool for Operator’s Training
  • BookChapter: The Meccano Method for Automatic Volume Parametrization of Solids
  • BookChapter: Spatial Speaker Spatial Positioning of Synthesized Speech in Java
  • BookChapter: Pheromone-Balance Driven Ant Colony Optimization with Greedy Mechanism
  • BookChapter: A Study of the Protein Folding Problem by a Simulation Model
  • BookChapter: Data Quality in ANFIS Based Soft Sensors
  • BookChapter: Commercial Break Detection and Content Based Video Retrieval
  • BookChapter: Modeling Confined Jets with Particles and Swril
  • BookChapter: The Computer Simulation of Shaping in Rotating Electrical Discharge Machining
  • BookChapter: Generalizations in Mathematical Epidemiology
  • BookChapter: Integrated Mining Fuzzy Association Rules For Mineral Processing State Identification
  • BookChapter: Predicting Memory Phases
  • BookChapter: A Framework for Collaborative Aspects of Intelligent Service Robot
  • BookChapter: Review of Daily Physical Activity Monitoring System Based on Single Triaxial Accelerometer and Portable Data Measurement Unit
  • BookChapter: RBDT-1 Method: Combining Rules and Decision Tree Capabilities
  • BookChapter: Piecewise Bezier Curves Path Planning with Continuous Curvature Constraint for Autonomous Driving
  • BookChapter: Computational and Theoretical Concepts for Regulating Stem Cells Using Viral and Physical Methods
  • BookChapter: Hybrid Stock Investment Strategy Decision Support System
  • BookChapter: Information Security Enhancement to Public–Key Cryptosystem Through Magic Squares
  • BookChapter: Grammatical Evolution and STE Criterion
  • BookChapter: Combined Heuristic Approach to Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
  • BookChapter: Resource Allocation for Grid Applications: An Economy Model
  • BookChapter: DFA, a Biomedical Checking Tool for the Heart Control System
  • BookChapter: Multimodal Human Spacecraft Interaction in Remote Environments
  • BookChapter: A Buck Converter Model for Multi-Domain Simulations
  • BookChapter: Open Source Software Use in City Government


  • Systems And Data Security
  • Artificial Intelligence (Incl. Robotics)
  • Engineering
  • Computational Intelligence

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    6 sg:description Offers the state of the art of tremendous advances in machine learning and systems engineeringServes as an excellent reference text for researchers and graduate students, working on machine learning and systems engineeringContains forty-six revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers
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