Leonid I Zakharkin

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Leonid I



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  • 2003-10 Synthesis of o- and m-Carborane-substituted Porphyrins of the Natural Type in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2003-10 Synthesis of New Plant Growth Regulators, Isomeric 1-(Dimethyloctyl)- and 1-Alkylpiperidinium and -morpholinium Halides by Telomerization of Isoprene with Secondary Amines in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2003-06 Synthesis of (m-Carborane-9,10-diyl)diacetic Acids and Their Derivatives in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2003-01 Synthesis of Carborane Derivatives of 2-(2-Carboxyvinyl)-25,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphine in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
  • 2002-09 Synthesis of (o-Carborane-1,2-diyl)dipropanoic Acid and Its Derivatives in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2002-05 Alkylation of nido-7,8-Dicarbollide Anion with Propargyl Bromide in Liquid Ammonia with Formation of 8-Propargyl-nido-7,9-dicarbaundecaborate and 9-Propargyl-nido-7,8-dicarbaundecaborate Anions in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2002-03 Cyanoethylation of o-Carboranes with Acrylonitrile under Conditions of Phase-Transfer Catalysis in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2001-07 Synthesis of 2-I-closo-B10H92- by Iodination of closo-B10H120- in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2001-07 Effect of New Synthetic Growth Regulators, Isomeric 1-(dimethyloctyl), 1-alkylpiperidinium and Morpholinium Halides on Morphogenesis of Aster chinensisL. as a Function of Their Molecular Structure in DOKLADY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS
  • 2001-06 Synthesis of Dimethyl (m-Carboran-9-yl)phosphonate and Dimethyl (p-Carboran-2-yl) Phosphonate by Palladium-catalyzed Cross Coupling of 9-I-m- and 2-I-p-Carboranes with Dimethyl Hydrogen Phosphite in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2001-02 Electrophilic Iodination of 1-Carba-7-phosphadodecaborane. Molecular and Crystal Structure of 9,10-Diiodo-1-carba-7-phosphadodecaborane in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2001-01 Synthesis of 1-Methyl- and 1-Phenyl-closo-B12H121- by Cross Coupling of 1-Iodo-closo-B12H121- with Methyl- and Phenylzinc Chlorides, Catalyzed by Palladium Complexes in RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY
  • 2000-12 Synthesis of Novel Anionic closo-Monocarboranyl Derivatives of 5,10,15,20-Tetraphenylporphine in DOKLADY CHEMISTRY
  • 2000-06 Synthesis of bis(dialkylaminomethyl)-o- andm-carboranes and study of these compounds as potential preparations for boron neutron capture therapy in PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY JOURNAL
  • 1999-12 Synthesis of carboranyl derivatives of deuteroporphyrin IX in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1998-06 Synthesis of 9-C6H5-3-(π-C5H5)-3,1,2-CoC2B9H10 by cross-coupling reaction of 9-I-3-(π-C5H5)-3,1,2-CoC2B9H10 with C6H5ZnCl catalyzed by palladium complexes in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1998-03 Study of the transmetallation of silicon derivatives ofo-carboranes on treatment with BunLi in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1998-03 Synthesis of (m-carboran-9-yl)ferrocene and (m-carboran-9-yl)cymantrene in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1998-02 Synthesis of 5,10,15,20-tetra[3-(o- andm-carboranyl)butyl]porphyrins containing the C−B σ-bond in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-11 Direct synthesis of dialkoxyaluminum hydrides from aluminum, hydrogen, and alcohols in the presence of trimethylamine and study of their thermal decomposition in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-11 Synthesis and configurational assignment of diastereomers ofcloso-3,3-[η2,3-(2-methylenebicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-dien-2-yl)]-1-benzyl-3,1,2-dicarbollylrhodium complexes in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-07 Reinvestigation of the Nazarov cyclization of 1-(3-hydroxypropynyl)cyclododecan-1-ol to bicyclo[10.3.0]pentadec-1(12)-en-13-one in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-06 Synthesis ofo-andm-carborane derivatives of [2,2]paracyclophane and abnormal Clemmensen reduction of ketones of the [2,2]paracyclophane and carborane series in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-03 Fluorosubstituted rhodacarboranes 3,4-(R3P)2-3-H-3,1,2-RhC2B9H11−nFn (n=1, 2, 4): Synthesis, molecular structure, and catalytic properties in hydrosilylation of styrene and phenylacetylene in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1997-02 A simple synthesis of non-solvated galliumtrialkyls in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1996-12 Synthesis and study of η5-C5H5-3,1,2-MIIIC2B9H11−nFn (M = Co, Fe;n = 1−4) in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1996-08 Synthesis of binuclear rhodacarboranes from 1,4-and 1,3-C6H4(CH2-9-C2H2B9H9-7,8-nido]22− dianions and (Ph3P)3RhCl in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1996-06 Synthesis of the first stable carborane containing simple enol in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1996-05 Metalation of 1-R-2-benzyl-o-carboranes with lithium aluminum hydride in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1996-01 Formation of stable carbenoid α-methoxyorganolithium compounds, 1-alkyl-2-lithiummethoxymethyl-o-carboranes, by metalation of 1-alkyl-2-methoxymethyl-o-carboranes withn-butyllithium in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1995-12 Synthesis of ω-(2-oxocyclododecyl)alkanoic acids by alkylation of cyclododecanone with ω-haloalkanoic esters under conditions of phase-transfer catalysis in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1995-08 Facile synthesis of (±)-2,6-dimethyloctan-1-ol formate, the biologically active analog of the smaller flour beetle aggregation pheromone, from 1-allyloxy- and 1-benzyloxy-2,6-dimethyl-2,7-octadienes, the telomers of isoprene with allyl and benzyl alcohols in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1995-06 Synthesis of 9-benzyl-o- and 9-benzyl-m-carboranes containing functional substituents in the benzene ring by electrophilic alkylation ofo- andm-carboranes by the correspondingR-benzyl halides in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1995-06 Destruction ofB-polyfluorosubstitutedo-carboranes into anions ofB-fluorosubstitutednido-7,8-dicarbaundecaborates by the action of ethanolic alkali and amines in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1995-01 3-Aza-Cope rearrangement as a route to higher branched aliphatic aldehydes from telomers of isoprene with secondary amines in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-10 Novel liquid crystal compounds, derivatives of 2-pyrone in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-10 A stable α-chloroalkyllithium compound: 2-lithiumchloromethyl-1-methyl-o-carborane in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-08 Alkylation of cyclododecanone with α,ω-dibromoalkanes under conditions of phase-transfer catalysis in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-05 Synthesis of 4,5-decamethyleneimidazole, 4,5-decamethyleneoxazole, 4,5-decamethyleneisoxazole, 4,5-decamethyleneimidazolone-2, and 4,5-decamethylenepyrazole from cyclododecanone derivatives in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-04 Syntheses of 2-oxabicyclo[4.10.0]hexadec-1(6)-ene from cyclododecanone in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1994-02 Neryl- and geranyltriethylammonium halides in the allylation of sodium diethyl malonate. The effect of the leaving group of the allylating reagent on the selectivity of the reaction in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-08 Synthesis of 3-isocyano-nido-7,8-dicarbaundecaborate salts and their use as new isonitrile ligands in transition-metal complexes in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-07 ESR study of carborane containing organofluorine radicals in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-05 Some transformations of 2-benzylcyclododecanones prepared by alkylation of cyclododecanone with benzyl halides under conditions of phase transfer catalysis in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-05 Comparative study of the reactions ofn-BuMgBr andn-BuLi with cyclododecanone in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-02 Synthesis of 2-methyl-4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13-decahydrocyclododeca[b]pyrrole and its N-substituted derivatives from 2-acetonylcycIododecanone and 2-propargylcyclododecanone in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1993-02 A simple synthesis of acetyl and propionyl cyclododecanes in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1992-08 Reaction between isoprene and aniline on complex palladium catalysts in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1992-07 Alcoholysis of hydridesilanes to give silyl ethers catalyzed by rhodacarboranes closo-3,3-(Ph3P)2-3-H-3,1,2-RhC2B9H11 and closo-3,3-(η2,η3-C7H7CH2)-3,1,2-RhC2B9H11 in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
  • 1992-01 Preparation of brassylic acid from 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14-decahydrocyclododeca[1,2-d]pyrimidine(1H, 3H)-2,4-dione obtained by the condensation of cyclododecanone and urea or biuret in RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN
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        "@context": "https://springernature.github.io/scigraph/jsonld/sgcontext.json", 
        "affiliation": [
            "affiliation": {
              "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.431939.5", 
              "type": "Organization"
            "isCurrent": true, 
            "type": "OrganizationRole"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.70465.30", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.14476.30", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.4886.2", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.419325.8", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.466123.4", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.465443.4", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.465347.7", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.177174.3", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.424930.8", 
            "type": "Organization"
            "id": "http://www.grid.ac/institutes/grid.439283.7", 
            "type": "Organization"
        "familyName": "Zakharkin", 
        "givenName": "Leonid I", 
        "id": "sg:person.016064403527.77", 
        "sameAs": [
        "sdDataset": "persons", 
        "sdDatePublished": "2022-01-01T19:56", 
        "sdLicense": "https://scigraph.springernature.com/explorer/license/", 
        "sdPublisher": {
          "name": "Springer Nature - SN SciGraph project", 
          "type": "Organization"
        "sdSource": "s3://com-springernature-scigraph/baseset/20220101/entities/gbq_results/person/person_685.jsonl", 
        "type": "Person"

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    Subject Predicate Object
    1 sg:person.016064403527.77 schema:affiliation N6cf50dcbaf28494ba9e91716ca9767cf
    2 grid-institutes:grid.14476.30
    3 grid-institutes:grid.177174.3
    4 grid-institutes:grid.419325.8
    5 grid-institutes:grid.424930.8
    6 grid-institutes:grid.439283.7
    7 grid-institutes:grid.465347.7
    8 grid-institutes:grid.465443.4
    9 grid-institutes:grid.466123.4
    10 grid-institutes:grid.4886.2
    11 grid-institutes:grid.70465.30
    12 schema:familyName Zakharkin
    13 schema:givenName Leonid I
    14 schema:sameAs https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication?and_facet_researcher=ur.016064403527.77
    15 schema:sdDatePublished 2022-01-01T19:56
    16 schema:sdLicense https://scigraph.springernature.com/explorer/license/
    17 schema:sdPublisher N0d08f9062dde424d942efbe4040ea3f4
    18 sgo:license sg:explorer/license/
    19 sgo:sdDataset persons
    20 rdf:type schema:Person
    21 N0d08f9062dde424d942efbe4040ea3f4 schema:name Springer Nature - SN SciGraph project
    22 rdf:type schema:Organization
    23 N6cf50dcbaf28494ba9e91716ca9767cf schema:affiliation grid-institutes:grid.431939.5
    24 sgo:isCurrent true
    25 rdf:type schema:OrganizationRole
    26 grid-institutes:grid.14476.30 schema:Organization
    27 grid-institutes:grid.177174.3 schema:Organization
    28 grid-institutes:grid.419325.8 schema:Organization
    29 grid-institutes:grid.424930.8 schema:Organization
    30 grid-institutes:grid.431939.5 schema:Organization
    31 grid-institutes:grid.439283.7 schema:Organization
    32 grid-institutes:grid.465347.7 schema:Organization
    33 grid-institutes:grid.465443.4 schema:Organization
    34 grid-institutes:grid.466123.4 schema:Organization
    35 grid-institutes:grid.4886.2 schema:Organization
    36 grid-institutes:grid.70465.30 schema:Organization

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