On this page you can find information about the taxonomies used by SciGraph. Note that the taxonomies are modelled as SKOS concept schemes.

  • Data Repositories

    The Data Repositories Taxonomy ( .tar.bz2 , .ttl ) provides a categorization of research data repositories that have been evaluated by the Scientific Data team as being suitable for archiving research data in conjunction with a Springer Nature publication.

  • Product Market Codes

    The Product Market Codes Taxonomy ( .tar.bz2 , .ttl ) provides a subject classification scheme used for classifying, grouping, and indexing content published by Springer Nature.

  • Subjects

    The Subjects Taxonomy ( .tar.bz2 , .ttl ) provides our custom-built categorization of scholarly subject areas. It includes subject terms of varying levels of specificity such as Biological sciences (top level), Cancer (level 2), or B-2 cells (level 7). In total there are more than 2500 subject terms, organized into a polyhierarchical tree using the SKOS vocabulary. Note that in this release only articles published on nature.com are indexed with these subjects.

  • Technical Article Types

    The Technical Article Types Taxonomy ( .tar.bz2 , .ttl ) provides a categorization of kinds of publication which are used to index and group content published by Springer Nature.