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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02639845 A Novel Eye Drop Application Monitor to Assess Patient Compliance With a Prescribed Regimen
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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01926535 Comparative Analysis of Human Amniotic Membrane Graft Versus Contact Lenses in Syntomathic Bullous Keratopathy
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02092688 Evaluation of a Novel Diagnostic Kit for the Detection of Placental Alpha-Microglobulin-1 in the Prediction of Preterm Birth in Women Presenting With Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor in Comparison to a Control Group of Asymptomatic Women With the Same Gestational Age - a Multicenter Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00879385 Targeted Demethylation to Enhance Response or Overcome Resistance to EGFR Blocking Agents in KRAS Wild-type Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Using Sequential Decitabine and Panitumumab
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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01436331 A Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multi-element Psychosocial Intervention for Early Psychosis in a 10 Million Inhabitant Catchment Area Aimed to Measure the Treatment's Feasibility and Effectiveness: GET UP-PIANO Trial
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