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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00522041 A Randomized. Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multi-national Study to Determine the Effect of Cellegesic Nitroglycerin Ointment 0.4% (Cellegesic) on the Pain Associated With a Chronic Anal Fissure
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02243930 Cap-assisted Sigmoidoscopy - Reduction in Pain, Reduction in Investigation Time and Increased Rate of Success, When Examined by the Less-experienced Endoscopist. A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01867944 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Perineal Self-Acupressure for Chronic Constipation
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00325871 The Effect of Concurrent Chemoradiation on Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Colorectal Cancer
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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00475410 A Phase III Multicenter, Single Blind, Randomized, Comparative and add-on Clinical Trial, in Three Parallel Groups, to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of a New Therapy With Adipose-derived Autologous Stem Cells for the Treatment of Complex Perianal Fistulas in Patients Without Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02339519 A Comparison of Supraglottic Airway Devices; Lma Classic, Lma Fastrach and Lma Supreme; a Prospective, Randomized, Clinical Trial of Efficacy, Safety and Complications
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sg:person.016062055155.03 Maria Teresa Da Canal
sg:person.016242236567.14 Fernando Canal
sg:person.012773640777.01 Gerard Canal
sg:person.07430262725.15 Carlos Canal
sg:person.010632440001.91 Esther Canal
sg:person.013514242432.46 Esteban García Canal
sg:person.0662643277.89 Mehmet Rahmi Canal
sg:person.0762077057.21 Muriel Canal
sg:person.01031060655.14 Alessandra C E Canal
sg:person.01156315625.00 Christophe Canal
sg:person.013002535344.89 F Canal
sg:person.01112202237.47 John P Canal
sg:person.0627766740.09 Alicia De La Canal
sg:person.01243740175.18 M L Canal
sg:person.01072134156.62 Maria Mercè Canal
sg:person.01200742373.45 Enrique Canal
sg:person.016216000253.27 C Canal Fontcuberta
sg:person.011742501535.93 C García Canal
sg:person.01026010454.21 Ricardo Canal
sg:person.01075341343.12 J M Canal
sg:person.0641544274.93 Alicia Canal
sg:person.0760545257.41 Cristina Canal
sg:person.01247325002.50 Clare Canal Guterl
sg:person.0630717721.48 Paolo Canal
sg:person.0606772122.15 Cibele Canal Castro
sg:person.01344153061.80 Laura De La Canal
sg:person.0707552363.71 Ricardo Canal Bedia
sg:person.01122262525.70 Mireille Canal Raffin
sg:person.01017146310.28 Nicola Canal
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grid-institutes:grid.441509.d Technological University of Panama
grid-institutes:grid.449402.f Quality Leadership University Panama
grid-institutes:grid.459775.d Medistem (Panama)
grid-institutes:grid.441404.1 Florida State University-Panama
grid-institutes:grid.418867.4 Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama
grid-institutes:grid.33003.33 Suez Canal University
grid-institutes:grid.446462.6 Canal Corridor Association
grid-institutes:grid.459238.1 Canal Savoir
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grid-institutes:grid.441509.d Technological University of Panama
grid-institutes:grid.449402.f Quality Leadership University Panama
grid-institutes:grid.441404.1 Florida State University-Panama
grid-institutes:grid.33003.33 Suez Canal University
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sg:ontologies/subjects/large-intestine Large intestine
sg:ontologies/subjects/gastrointestinal-system Gastrointestinal system
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sg:ontologies/subjects/large-intestine Large intestine
sg:ontologies/subjects/gastrointestinal-system Gastrointestinal system
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grid-institutes:grid.459775.d Medistem (Panama)
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grid-institutes:grid.418867.4 Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama
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grid-institutes:grid.446462.6 Canal Corridor Association
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grid-institutes:grid.459238.1 Canal Savoir