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sg:person.07737436273.76 Fritz Canal
sg:person.010631000537.48 A Canal Neto
sg:person.01046534451.09 Maria Iluminada Canal
sg:person.01132052727.35 Luisa Canal
sg:person.011004331740.07 Ramon Canal
sg:person.01372440244.29 Mercè Canal
sg:person.01261367165.73 Jacobo Canal Vila
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sg:person.012357102515.33 Maíra Codo Canal
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sg:person.0712002306.48 J R Canal
sg:person.0100535476.42 N Canal
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sg:person.01132110265.36 Fabio Canal
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sg:person.011656432271.18 Paula Canal Vergés
sg:person.014621331533.91 A Dal Canal
sg:person.012627514201.42 Ramon Canal
sg:person.07411500721.00 JP Canal
sg:person.013777723423.03 C A García Canal
sg:person.010624763016.75 Richard Canal
sg:person.01066441366.40 Ana Canal
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