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sg:pub.10.1007/978-3-642-03278-3_20 SHABaN Multi-agent Team To Herd Cows
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sg:grant.3099355 Hydroclimate evolution at the last Interglacial/Glacial transition in western Iran
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sg:grant.6009446 Detailed Earthquake Resistant Investigation of Historical Public Building, Tabriz Bazaar Aspired to be Registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
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sg:grant.4930790 Arithmetic Properties of Finite Groups
sg:grant.6060456 Evolutionary analysis of biological interactions as mechanisms of biodiversity using plant parasites as materials
sg:grant.6037398 Transmission dynamics of Gongylonema pulchrum in the nature, with special reference to its genetic diversity among isolates from different mammalian host species
sg:grant.2714200 Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Studies
sg:grant.4982426 SAR data fusion of multi-platform 3D terrain deformation monitoring
sg:grant.6113709 Assessment on influence of rural development and international economy over existence of plant use and its traditional knowledge at marginal and minority areas
sg:grant.4929039 Variation mechanism subtropical zone
sg:grant.7122826 Conference on the Ethics of War in the 21st Century
sg:grant.7000744 Study on the Antihypertensive Active Components of Aromatic New
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sg:grant.6134324 In population decline society, the analysis on the sustainable development of society in light of the external shocks to the economy
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sg:grant.2488283 Identification of Autosomal Recessive Nonsyndromic Hearing Impairment Genes
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sg:grant.2724373 Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Studies
sg:grant.6195089 Biotic gradients in the Oligo/Miocene Western Indopacific
sg:grant.2754275 Accelerated Discovery of Molecules and Biological Pathways Perturbed in Mendelian Neurological Diseases
sg:grant.2754796 International Partnership for Collaboration and Training in Earthquake Hazard Assessment and Mitigation in the Alpine-Himalayan Belt and Central Asia
sg:grant.3118800 Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: The Ancient Murghab Archaeology Project: Perspectives on Bronze Age Interaction in southern Turkmenistan
sg:grant.3000894 Fluid Flow and Growth of Active Salt Structures at Decadal Timescales: Paradox Basin, Utah
sg:grant.2996046 COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Chemostratigraphic Analysis of Panthalassic and Tethyan Permian-Triassic Boundary Sections: Assessment of Global Paleoceanographic Dynamics
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sg:grant.5594276 New earthquake image obtained from the high-frequency ground motion and the epicenter of the dynamics
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sg:person.015371765477.69 Iran Veiga
sg:person.0714021227.22 Iran Sarichelou
sg:person.014401517250.28 Iran Spradley
sg:person.01347364552.94 Iran Castro
sg:person.015622554621.25 Iran Borges
sg:person.013574210361.06 Iran Davoodi
sg:person.0672065607.95 Iran Rashidi
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sg:person.0750147043.35 Iran Sheikhshoai
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sg:person.010333314325.11 Siavash Iran Pour
sg:person.013314526565.08 Iran Gonçalves Junior
sg:person.014403155311.46 Samira Iran
sg:person.01171674732.03 Iran Salimi
sg:person.013545377233.95 Iran Sheikhshoaei
sg:person.07416171313.08 Iran Sheikhshoaie
sg:person.012710047605.54 Iran Eduardo Lima Neto
sg:person.0612053237.61 Asghar Iran Nejad
sg:person.01007355652.67 Iran Baghban
sg:person.0626711674.36 Iran Malavazi
sg:person.012744124166.92 Iran Dokht Gharagozlou Van Ginneken
sg:person.0731671757.50 Iran C Normande
sg:person.011470547421.09 Iran Abreu Mendes
sg:person.012313303345.64 Iran Alemzadeh
sg:person.015753356273.65 Iran Barros Costa
sg:person.01051443143.90 Iran Rashedi
sg:person.0725772113.57 Iran Mendonça Da Silva
sg:person.01105443523.99 Iran José Oliveira Da Silva
sg:person.01046521133.18 Iran Carlos Stalliviere Corrêa
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grid-institutes:grid.466799.3 Iran Khodro (Iran)
grid-institutes:grid.411748.f Iran University of Science and Technology
grid-institutes:grid.444955.d Iran Banking Institute
grid-institutes:grid.420162.3 asteur Institute of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.484159.5 Geological Survey of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.419412.b Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
grid-institutes:grid.417749.8 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.459605.b Iran University of Industries and Mines
grid-institutes:grid.494664.d National Informatics Corporation (Iran)
grid-institutes:grid.466909.4 MAPNA Group (Iran)
grid-institutes:grid.449156.b Iran Broadcasting University
grid-institutes:grid.466802.e Iran Telecommunication Research Center
grid-institutes:grid.453765.6 Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council
grid-institutes:grid.452980.2 Iran National Science Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.420169.8 Pasteur Institute of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.484341.e Iran Nanohealth Committee Food and Drug Organization
grid-institutes:grid.459846.2 Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.466618.b Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran
grid-institutes:grid.419140.9 National Iranian Oil Company (Iran)
grid-institutes:grid.411746.1 Iran University of Medical Sciences
grid-institutes:grid.411189.4 University of Kurdistan
grid-institutes:grid.483852.0 Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
grid-institutes:grid.475777.1 Institute of Iranian Studies
grid-institutes:grid.453701.4 Iran's National Elites Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.466899.c Ministry of Education
grid-institutes:grid.415814.d Ministry of Health and Medical Education
grid-institutes:grid.412502.0 Shahid Beheshti University
grid-institutes:grid.413282.e Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences
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sg:clinicaltrial.ISRCTN52588395 Prevention of non-communicable disease in a population in nutrition transition: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study Phase II
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01421108 The Effectiveness of Gain- Versus Loss-framed Health Messages to Improve Oral Health Among Iranian Adolescents:A Randomized Controlled Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02311712 Non-endoscopic Esophageal Cancer Screening Program in Northern Iran
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02394977 Pilot Study of the Effect of Cardio First Angel (CFA) Device on CPR Outcomes:
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00450788 The Golestan Cohort Study of Esophageal Cancer
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02998931 Effects of Enteral Glutamine on Inflammatory Response, Immune System Function and Clinical Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients With Enteral Feeding in Intensive Care Unit
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01271985 Fixed-dose Combination Therapy (PolyPill) in Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Middle-aged and Elderly Iranians
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01507376 Comparing the Efficacy of Urinary and Recombinant hCG on Oocyte Maturity for Ovulation Induction in Assisted Reproductive Techniques: a Randomized Clinical Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03392025 Effects of Flaxseed Consumption, Alone and in Combination With the Mediterranean-like Diet, on Vascular Endothelial Function and Some Biochemical Indicators Related to Atherosclerosis in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01344161 Effect of Vitamin D on Metabolic Profile in Overweight or Obese Women
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02355925 Evaluation the Effect of Intrauterine Injection of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection (hCG) Before Frozen Embryo Transfer on Implantation, Clinical Pregnancy and Miscarriage Rates: Double Blind Randomized Clinical Trial ,Phase 3
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01009567 Compare the Efficacy of Human Albumin With Cabergoline to Prevent of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation in ART Program
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00700297 A Double Blind Cross Over Clinical Trial to Determine Colchicine Efficacy in Behcet`s Disease
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02523898 Is the Co-administration of Metformine and CC as Compared to Placebo and CC Superior to Induce Ovulation in PCOS Patients With a Confirmed insulin-resistant-a Double Blind Randomized Clinical Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01889095 Biphasic Insulin Aspart Versus NPH Plus Regular Human Insulin in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03293108 A Phase III, Randomized, Two Armed, Parallel, Double-blind, Active-controlled, Non-inferiority Clinical Trial to Determine the Non-inferior Therapeutic Efficacy and Safety Between Dyenix (60 mg, Denosumab, Produced by AryoGen Pharmed) Compared With Prolia® (60 mg, Denosumab, the Reference Drug, Produced by Amgen Company) in Improvement of Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) Among Osteoporotic Postmenopausal Women
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00823121 Can Fresh Embryo Transfers be Replaced by Cryopreserved-thawed Embryo Transfers in Assisted Reproductive Cycles?
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02460458 Type 3 Von Willebrand International Registries Inhibitor Prospective Study
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03273088 A Randomised, Two-period, Two-sequence, Single-dose and Cross-over Study in Healthy Subjects to Demonstrate Pharmacokinetic Equivalence of Altebrel (Produced by Aryogen Pharmed) and Enbrel® (the Reference Drug, Produced by Amgen Company)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03421119 A Phase III, Randomized, Parallel, Double-blind, and Non-inferiority Clinical Trial to Compare Efficacy and Safety of CinnaGen-liraglutide to Innovator Liraglutide Product (Victoza®) in Patients With Type II Diabetes (T2D)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03273192 A Randomised, Double-blind, Single-dose, Parallel-group Study in Healthy Subjects to Demonstrate Pharmacokinetic Equivalence of CinnoRA® (Produced by CinnaGen CO.) and Humira® (the Reference Drug, Produced by AbbVie Inc.)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03587025 Preemptive Analgesia With Amitryptyline for Prevention of Post-operative Pain in Women After Total Abdominal Hysterectomy: a Randomized Clinical Trial
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