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sg:grant.6798158 Crick Worldwide Influenza Centre
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sg:grant.6797980 Protein Phosphorylation Laboratory
sg:grant.6798156 Chromosome Segregation Laboratory
sg:grant.6798165 Energy Control Laboratory
sg:grant.6798139 AhRimmunity Laboratory
sg:grant.6798181 Immunoregulation Laboratory
sg:grant.6798141 Antimicrobial Defence Laboratory
sg:grant.6798250 University attachments
sg:grant.6798178 Immunity & Cancer Laboratory
sg:grant.6798027 Macromolecular Machines Laboratory
sg:grant.6798190 Malaria Biochemistry Laboratory
sg:grant.6798584 Malaria Parasitology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798162 Developmental Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798155 Chromosome Replication Laboratory
sg:grant.6798163 Developmental Dynamics Laboratory
sg:grant.6798188 Macromolecular Structure Laboratory
sg:grant.6798157 Computational Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798229 Signalling and Structural Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798200 Molecular Cell Biology of Autophagy Laboratory
sg:grant.6798252 Visual Circuit Assembly Laboratory
sg:grant.6798201 Molecular Structure of Cell Signalling Laboratory
sg:grant.6798246 Translational Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory
sg:grant.6798199 Molecular Biology of Metabolism Laboratory
sg:grant.6798170 Host-Pathogen Interactions in Tuberculosis Laboratory
sg:grant.6798416 Oncogenes and Tumour Metabolism Laboratory
sg:grant.6798152 Cell Fate and Gene Regulation Laboratory
sg:grant.6798232 Single Molecule Enzymology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798182 Immunoregulation and Infection Laboratory
sg:grant.6798159 DNA Recombination and Repair Laboratory
sg:grant.6798099 Mycobacterial Metabolism and Antibiotic Research Laboratory
sg:grant.6798138 Adult Stem Cell Laboratory
sg:grant.6798160 DSB Repair Metabolism Laboratory
sg:grant.6798142 Apoptosis and Proliferation Control Laboratory
sg:grant.6798240 Synthetic & Systems Biochemistry of the Microtubule Cytoskeleton Laboratory
sg:grant.6798244 Theoretical Physics of Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798148 Cancer Genomics Laboratory
sg:grant.6798323 Tumour Cell Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798168 Haematopoietic Stem Cell Laboratory
sg:grant.6798237 Structural Biology of Chromosome Segregation Laboratory
sg:grant.6798223 Retrovirus-host Interactions Laboratory
sg:grant.6798143 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory
sg:grant.6798173 Human Embryo and Stem Cell Laboratory
sg:grant.6798224 Science and Technology Platforms and BRF
sg:grant.6798258 Neurophysiology of Behaviour Laboratory
sg:grant.6798171 Host-Toxoplasma Interaction Laboratory
sg:grant.6798329 Tumour-Host Interaction Laboratory
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sg:clinicaltrial.ISRCTN48556384 An exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial of a halls of residence based social norms marketing intervention to reduce alcohol consumption in first year undergraduates in Welsh universities As of 14/02/2012, anticipated start date of trial has been updated from 14/02/2012 to 20/02/2012.
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sg:clinicaltrial.ISRCTN82257414 A study of Platelet INhibition using a 'POINT of care' platelet function test, following Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for ST elevation myocardial infarction (PINPOINT-PPCI)
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.416481.e Saint Francis Health System
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URI Description
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URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.495607.9 Changzhou Architectural Research Institute Group (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495502.f Wuhan Institute of Geo-Environmental Industry and Technology (China)
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URI Description
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sg:ontologies/subjects/catalytic-dna Catalytic DNA