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sg:person.011152473461.68 Andrew Francis
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.451388.3 The Francis Crick Institute
grid-institutes:grid.462552.2 Laboratoire Francis Perrin
grid-institutes:grid.493426.e Research Institute of Radiology
grid-institutes:grid.473515.1 Institute of Law
grid-institutes:grid.465420.1 Institute of Developmental Physiology
grid-institutes:grid.483332.d Institute of Geography
grid-institutes:grid.506899.b China National Institute of Standardization
grid-institutes:grid.418196.3 Indian Agricultural Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.425508.e Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - National Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.507067.3 Yunnan Population and Family Planning Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.469877.3 Ifo Institute for Economic Research
grid-institutes:grid.435330.2 Institute of Physics Belgrade
grid-institutes:grid.503048.a Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection
grid-institutes:grid.473260.4 Institute of Economic Forecasting
grid-institutes:grid.473787.8 Institute of Thermal Physics
grid-institutes:grid.495061.f Research Institute of Disinfectology Rospotrebnadzor
grid-institutes:grid.454824.b China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group
grid-institutes:grid.495850.5 Shandong Special Equipment Inspection Institute
grid-institutes:grid.465343.3 Institute of the Earth’s Crust
grid-institutes:grid.435436.3 Institute of World Economy and International Relations
grid-institutes:grid.435352.6 Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth
grid-institutes:grid.419730.8 Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry
grid-institutes:grid.482259.0 Superconducting and other Innovative Materials and Devices Institute
grid-institutes:grid.494964.2 Institute of Mining of the North after N.V.Chersky
grid-institutes:grid.472497.b Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies
grid-institutes:grid.467114.1 Institute of Ecological Problems of the North
grid-institutes:grid.461715.0 Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
grid-institutes:grid.419733.b Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics
grid-institutes:grid.472510.5 Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research
grid-institutes:grid.415789.6 National Institute of Public Health
grid-institutes:grid.423521.3 Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development
grid-institutes:grid.435323.0 Institute of Oriental Studies
grid-institutes:grid.494733.e Federal Scientific Center of Physical Culture and Sports
grid-institutes:grid.425014.6 Institute of Geophysics
grid-institutes:grid.494998.1 Research Institute of Fur Industry
grid-institutes:grid.495331.9 China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495723.e Heilongjiang Institute of Wood Science
grid-institutes:grid.482584.7 Scientific Research Institute of Goznak
grid-institutes:grid.494969.f Tula Institute of Design & Technology
grid-institutes:grid.488217.0 Animal Science Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.489222.7 Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine
grid-institutes:grid.472074.2 The Institute of Buraku Problem
grid-institutes:grid.495907.6 Wuxi Wind Power Design and Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495660.8 Guangdong Shunde Innovative Design Institute
grid-institutes:grid.425028.9 Institute of Metals and Technology
grid-institutes:grid.509679.4 Beijing Foresty Machinery Institute
grid-institutes:grid.482267.d Alpinia Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495468.2 Hefei Institute of Technology Innovation
grid-institutes:grid.464469.d Shandong Marine Resource and Environment Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.506889.a Inner Mongolia Chifeng Forestry Science Research Institute
URI Description
sg:patent.US-5792613-A GENETIC ENGINEERING
sg:patent.US-11447519-B2 Compounds for fluorescence sensing of duplex formation
sg:patent.US-6953880-B2 hybrid rice seed with a transgene that confers herbicide resistance, insect resistance and disease resistance
sg:patent.WO-2007045998-A3 NEW NUCLEIC ACID BASE PAIRS
sg:patent.US-5844110-A Synthetic triple helix-forming compound precursors
sg:patent.US-5693471-A Triple stranded nucleic acids
sg:patent.US-8980581-B2 Site-specific incorporation of amino acids into molecules
sg:patent.WO-1998032467-A3 Method and conjugate for treating h. pylori infection
sg:patent.US-8518666-B2 Site-specific incorporation of amino acids into molecules
sg:patent.US-5928863-A Triple-stranded nucleic acids
sg:patent.US-6936418-B2 Methods and compositions for effecting homologous recombination
sg:patent.US-6858390-B2 Aptamers containing sequences of nucleic acid or nucleic acid analogues bound homologously, or in novel complexes
sg:patent.WO-2015001285-A1 EXPRESSION PROCESS
sg:patent.US-6258941-B1 RNA hydrolysis
sg:patent.US-8835162-B2 Methods of incorporating amino acid analogs into proteins
sg:patent.US-9133457-B2 Methods of incorporating amino acid analogs into proteins
sg:patent.WO-2007045998-A2 NEW NUCLEIC ACID BASE PAIRS
sg:patent.US-7148044-B1 Nucleic acid enzyme for RNA cleavage
sg:patent.US-8747656-B2 Process and apparatus employing microchannel process technology
sg:patent.US-9926496-B2 Process and apparatus employing microchannel process technology
sg:patent.US-7033610-B2 Basic cell growth stimulating factors from a mammal milk product having basic to neutral isoelectric points, enriched with proliferation stimulant of rat myoblasts; wound healing agents for gastrointestinal injuries and skin
sg:patent.US-9695368-B2 Process and apparatus employing microchannel process technology
sg:patent.EP-0857067-A4 RADIOPROTECTORS
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.469890.a Caritas Institute of Higher Education
grid-institutes:grid.447677.1 St. Francis College
grid-institutes:grid.256058.c Francis Marion University
grid-institutes:grid.262940.b Saint Francis University
grid-institutes:grid.412770.7 University of Saint Francis
grid-institutes:grid.441146.2 University of St. Francis
grid-institutes:grid.264060.6 St. Francis Xavier University
grid-institutes:grid.431485.f Saint Francis de Sales Seminary
grid-institutes:grid.260957.f Nicholls State University
grid-institutes:grid.441965.b University of Saint Francis Xavier
grid-institutes:grid.446642.6 DeSales University
grid-institutes:grid.437869.7 St. Petersburg State Technological Institute
grid-institutes:grid.445300.6 Norilsk State Industrial Institute
grid-institutes:grid.431247.7 Knowledge Systems Institute
grid-institutes:grid.300821.8 University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute
grid-institutes:grid.443516.1 Nanjing Sport Institute
grid-institutes:grid.442798.4 Arab Studies and Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.501728.9 Hypatia of Alexandria Institute for Reflexion and Studies
grid-institutes:grid.446001.7 Institute Unic
grid-institutes:grid.440716.0 Guangdong Institute of Education
grid-institutes:grid.495318.2 Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
grid-institutes:grid.488186.b Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering
grid-institutes:grid.487760.a Levin Institute
grid-institutes:grid.438960.0 Welding Research Institute - Industrial Institute SR
grid-institutes:grid.449068.7 Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies
grid-institutes:grid.462194.c Federal Institute of Pernambuco
grid-institutes:grid.444404.4 Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management
grid-institutes:grid.417597.9 Holon Institute of Technology
grid-institutes:grid.262613.2 Rochester Institute of Technology
grid-institutes:grid.463185.d Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy
grid-institutes:grid.412734.7 Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research
grid-institutes:grid.458386.4 Michener Institute
grid-institutes:grid.512487.d Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute
grid-institutes:grid.444420.2 Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction
grid-institutes:grid.467019.d Shamnur Shivashankarappa Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
grid-institutes:grid.446262.0 Russian Institute of Theatre Arts
grid-institutes:grid.4714.6 Karolinska Institute
grid-institutes:grid.444680.a Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
grid-institutes:grid.502300.4 The Mofet Institute
grid-institutes:grid.445759.e Samara State Institute of Culture
grid-institutes:grid.462365.0 IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
grid-institutes:grid.445853.b Pushkin State Russian language Institute
grid-institutes:grid.502150.3 Kyiv Institute of Music. R. Glier
grid-institutes:grid.462950.c The Culinary Institute of America
grid-institutes:grid.453322.1 Quanzhou Institute of Equipment Manufacturing Haixi Institute
grid-institutes:grid.501640.6 Espoo Music Institute
grid-institutes:grid.445755.2 Volga Business Institute
grid-institutes:grid.499204.2 The Reed Institute
grid-institutes:grid.512534.4 Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
grid-institutes:grid.465306.2 Institute of Linguistic Studies
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.430319.c Roper St. Francis Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.492352.b St. Francis Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.416481.e Saint Francis Health System
grid-institutes:grid.495346.9 Guangdong Province Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute Zhuhai Testing Institute
grid-institutes:grid.489275.5 National Institute of Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences
grid-institutes:grid.492505.f Magnetic Resonance Imaging Institute for Biomedical Research
grid-institutes:grid.500024.3 Cobalt Institute
grid-institutes:grid.497316.e Science Communication Institute
grid-institutes:grid.474970.9 Black AIDS Institute
grid-institutes:grid.288434.1 Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute
grid-institutes:grid.435179.d Institute of Electronics
grid-institutes:grid.493204.8 EGMONT – The Royal Institute for International Relations
grid-institutes:grid.417803.9 Family Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.507674.7 Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
grid-institutes:grid.493199.f Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy
grid-institutes:grid.479509.6 Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
grid-institutes:grid.487624.b Peterson Institute for International Economics
grid-institutes:grid.488834.b Institute of Ophthalmology
grid-institutes:grid.487713.e NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science
grid-institutes:grid.433047.7 Community Counseling Institute
grid-institutes:grid.493387.2 International Water Institute
grid-institutes:grid.454633.3 Institute for Christian Works
grid-institutes:grid.470903.9 Middle Tennessee Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.505897.6 National Art Institute
grid-institutes:grid.20384.3d Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto
grid-institutes:grid.501222.6 Club & Institute Union
grid-institutes:grid.482497.4 Gujarat Matikam Kalakari & Rural Technology Institute
grid-institutes:grid.488688.2 Baim Institute for Clinical Research
grid-institutes:grid.502703.3 Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
grid-institutes:grid.486962.7 Level Playing Field Institute
grid-institutes:grid.468652.b International Specialised Skills Institute
grid-institutes:grid.510126.1 Dulbecco Telethon Institute
grid-institutes:grid.511787.d San Francisco Estuary Institute
grid-institutes:grid.488092.f Ronin Institute
grid-institutes:grid.466881.5 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.250263.0 Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
grid-institutes:grid.429056.c Baruch S. Blumberg Institute
grid-institutes:grid.285538.1 Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
grid-institutes:grid.457119.f Peace Institute- Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies
grid-institutes:grid.451666.6 Institute for Financial Research
grid-institutes:grid.488720.1 American SIDS Institute
grid-institutes:grid.432481.8 Aspen Institute
grid-institutes:grid.487792.7 Ocean Institute
grid-institutes:grid.430375.6 Rancho Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.489007.2 Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research
grid-institutes:grid.505987.6 International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology
grid-institutes:grid.487746.e Schoodic Institute
grid-institutes:grid.475362.1 Clayton Christensen Institute
grid-institutes:grid.435449.b Rensselaerville Institute
grid-institutes:grid.482666.8 Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy
URI Description
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02412709 ECG Device for Long QT Syndrome Screening in Newborns
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00379327 Acupuncture for Promotion of Timely Delivery
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01449942 Phase I/II Study of EBV-LMP1 Targeted DNAzyme in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02761343 MRI Assessment of Arrythmia Ablation Lesions
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01322165 National Registry of Genetically Triggered Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Cardiovascular Conditions
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02724696 French National Observatory of Patients With Thymic Epithelial Tumor
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01006733 Genetics Informatics Trial (GIFT) of Warfarin to Prevent Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00001883 Quality Control of P-CCMB Cardiopulmonary Exercise Equipment
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03907423 Effects of Rosuvastatin on Markers of Atherosclerosis in Diabetic Patients Treated With Glimepiride/Metformin Combination
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01258231 Identification of Genomic Predictors of Adverse Events After Cardiac Surgery
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02503865 Phase 1-2 Study of Development of Rational Ways of Medical and Non-medical Treatment Methods for Metabolic Syndrome
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04449575 Hand Eczema in the Health Care Sector
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01611545 Can Pharmacogenomic Testing Improve Response and Avoid Adverse Effects With Clopidogrel Therapy? A Biospecimen Bank for Genetic and Genomic Investigation of Clopidogrel.
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT05167435 Myofascial Release Technique vs Posterior-anterior Glide on Non-specific Low Back Pain: a Randomized Controlled Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04537780 Clinical Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Montelukast in the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02961465 Effectiveness and Safety of Sacral Neuromodulation in Patients With Idiopathic Slow-transit Constipation Refractory to Conservative Treatments
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02328677 ColoCare Transdisciplinary Research in Colorectal Cancer Prognosis
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02394171 Health is Power: An Ecological Theory-based Health Intervention for Women of Color
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03394859 Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Phase III
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00141752 Toronto Bedside Swallowing Screening Test (TOR-BSST) - A Bedside Swallowing Screening for Stroke Patients
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT05465096 Interventional Pilot Study on the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Hip Joint With Intra-articular Ultrasound-guided Infiltration of Microfractured Autologous Adipose Tissue Containing Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03506932 A Randomized, Controlled, Cross-over Trial Examining the Effect of Yellow Pea Flour in Bread on Post-prandial Glycaemic Response in Healthy Adults
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03306862 A Randomized, Controlled, Cross-over Trial Examining the Effect of Peas in Soup on Post-prandial Glycaemic Response in Healthy Adults.
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00359541 Voriconazole Plasma Concentration and Toxicity
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03254602 Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound for the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Musculoskeletal Pain Reduction
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03468699 Outcomes of Autologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Stem Cell (BMMC) Transplantation for Children Suffering From Liver Cirrhosis Due to Biliary Atresia After Kasai's Operation: An Open Label Uncontrolled Clinical Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT05044078 Effects of Autogenic and Reciprocal Inhibition Techniques With Conventional Therapy in Mechanical Neck Pain- A Randomized Control Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00005260 Mechanisms Underlying Psychosocial Associations With Ischemic Heart Disease (Kuopio)
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02941861 Factors Influencing the 3-Year Recurrence of Liver Carcinoma After Surgery
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT00005207 Renin and Prorenin in Pregnancy
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01328704 Observational Study to Evaluate Changes in Iron, Vit-D, and CRP During a Twelve to Twenty-Four Week Supervised Triathlon Training Program
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04955275 The Efficacy of a Remote Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) Program on Parkinson's Disease
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04414202 Observational Study of Intra-operative Partial Irradiation of Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinomas With a Good Prognosis
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01322568 Age, Gene/Environment Susceptibility (AGES) Study
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01031160 Health Behavior in School-Age Children: NEXT Longitudinal Study 2009-2016
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02808546 The Risk Factors of Symptomatic Gallbladder Stone: Age-Sex Matched Case-control Study Performed in Single Institute
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01227044 Reducing Heavy Drinking to Optimize HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04546867 Sonographic Based Visualization Instead of X-ray of Pancreatic Stents Placed to Prenvent Post-ERCP Pancreatitis.
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT05208203 Acute Ischemic Stroke "Green Channel" Registry--Xuanwu Hospital
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03815435 The Influence of Blood Pressure Upon the Clarity of Surgical Field in Endonasal Surgery
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03777852 Emotional Evaluation and Reconstructed Breast Satisfaction After Breast Cancer Treatment: Breast Q Questionary
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT02638519 Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Healthy Volunteers and Participants With Alzheimer's Disease
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01247467 Analysis of Prognostic and Predictive Genomic Signatures Using Archival Paraffin-embedded Breast Tumor - a Pilot Study
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT03935074 Superselective Intra-arterial Chemotherapy Treatment for Retinoblastoma- 5 Year Results From Turkey
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01042509 Combination of Alemtuzumab (Anti-CD52) and Rituximab (Anti-CD20) at Low-doses in Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease Treatment After First-line Therapy Failure.
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01032863 A Study of Association Between Hypermobility And Chronic MusculoSkeletal Pain:a Pilot Study
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04512755 AIMS Medical Outcomes Study
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04086277 Continuous Intrapartum Support to Reduce Primary Cesarean
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT01185626 ROGYcare: The Impact of a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan on Patient Reported Outcomes and Health Care Providers. A Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
sg:clinicaltrial.NCT04129931 PrecISE (Precision Interventions for Severe and/or Exacerbation-Prone Asthma) Network Study
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.489264.5 St. Francis Sleep, Allergy, and Lung Institute
grid-institutes:grid.492762.c OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group
grid-institutes:grid.416652.2 Via Christi Hospital St. Francis
grid-institutes:grid.502914.b St. Francis Referral Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416634.2 St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.461143.5 St Francis Chronic Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416640.1 St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416632.4 St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416387.f St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.430183.d Penrose-St. Francis Health Services
grid-institutes:grid.416495.b OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.460006.4 St Francis’ Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.413324.3 Hospital of St. Francis Xavier
grid-institutes:grid.430322.4 Roper St. Francis Healthcare
grid-institutes:grid.488627.7 Children's Hospital at Saint Francis
grid-institutes:grid.416647.6 St. Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.415033.0 Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.490426.d St. Francis Regional Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.492716.f CHI Health St. Francis
grid-institutes:grid.416644.5 Saint Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.416638.e St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.461273.5 St. Francis Hospital Nkokonjeru
grid-institutes:grid.430726.4 St. Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416393.a St Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.416643.2 St. Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.477002.6 Saint Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.429916.1 St. Francis Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.416482.d Saint Francis Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.429823.6 OSF Saint Francis Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.477951.9 St. Francis Community Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.492675.b Franciscan Health Indianapolis
grid-institutes:grid.416234.6 Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416496.8 Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.416173.6 Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.461235.7 Mutolere Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.461238.a Naggalama Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.461307.7 Buluba Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.411940.9 Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
grid-institutes:grid.417599.7 Franciscan Health
grid-institutes:grid.461255.1 Nsambya Hospital
grid-institutes:grid.496626.9 Jindal Naturecure Institute
grid-institutes:grid.430441.6 Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
grid-institutes:grid.417966.b Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
grid-institutes:grid.488791.b Rajamangala Institute of kidney disease
grid-institutes:grid.488767.2 Sheth M. L. Vaduwala Charitable Eye Hospital and Dr. Thakorbhai V. Patel Eye Institute
grid-institutes:grid.429502.8 MGH Institute of Health Professions
grid-institutes:grid.496606.b Kazakh Eye Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.494798.f Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech
grid-institutes:grid.419345.e LRS Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
grid-institutes:grid.418542.e Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.479046.8 Francis Family Foundation
grid-institutes:grid.431287.b Athenaeum of Ohio
grid-institutes:grid.496215.d Human Development Institute
grid-institutes:grid.493335.b Institute of Cultural Affairs
grid-institutes:grid.486557.d Timber Institute
grid-institutes:grid.447798.1 Arts and Theatre Institute
grid-institutes:grid.512054.7 Children’s Mercy Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.475358.8 Indigenous Language Institute
grid-institutes:grid.500373.2 International Aluminium Institute
grid-institutes:grid.435261.7 Institute of Highway Engineers
grid-institutes:grid.506980.2 Hunan Hydro&Power Design Institute
grid-institutes:grid.435456.5 French Pork and Pig Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495484.0 Wenzhou Institute of Technology Testing & Calibration
grid-institutes:grid.493549.6 Mechanics' Institute
grid-institutes:grid.438620.b Austrian Institute of Spatial Planning
grid-institutes:grid.488843.b Guangdong Institute of Biological Products and Drugs
grid-institutes:grid.427695.b Cancer Institute of New South Wales
grid-institutes:grid.434281.8 Stockholm Environment Institute
grid-institutes:grid.493298.d Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services
grid-institutes:grid.498920.e Institute of Urban and Regional Development
grid-institutes:grid.495673.a Guangxi Special Equipment Inspection Institute
grid-institutes:grid.488663.7 Advanced Medical Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.500600.3 Myanmar Environment Institute
grid-institutes:grid.489061.2 National Institute of Lymphology
grid-institutes:grid.503852.9 Nautilus Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495415.8 Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Commerce
grid-institutes:grid.475983.4 Fryderyk Chopin Institute
grid-institutes:grid.471497.8 Fuzzy Systems Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495372.e Hefei Urban Planning & Design Institute
grid-institutes:grid.475690.9 Uongozi Institute
grid-institutes:grid.501530.2 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
grid-institutes:grid.479834.5 Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute
grid-institutes:grid.496553.8 Suwon Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.503981.6 Legatum Institute
grid-institutes:grid.418687.4 Institute for Fermentation
grid-institutes:grid.492461.c Praboromarajchanok Institute of Heath Workforce Development
grid-institutes:grid.495042.e Specialized Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Engineering
grid-institutes:grid.493462.e Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael
grid-institutes:grid.468529.4 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
grid-institutes:grid.474286.b Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research
grid-institutes:grid.489078.a National Institute of Traumatology & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
grid-institutes:grid.460461.1 Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
grid-institutes:grid.471506.1 Gangoji Institute for Research of Cultural Property
grid-institutes:grid.506487.8 NewClimate Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495820.2 Shandong Institute of Agricultural Sustainable Development
grid-institutes:grid.418471.f Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495334.c China Railway Economic and Planning Research Institute
grid-institutes:grid.433836.9 Wingate Institute
grid-institutes:grid.418311.e Bio Behavioral Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495150.c Institute of Transportation Engineers
URI Description
grid-institutes:grid.495607.9 Changzhou Architectural Research Institute Group (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495067.9 Institute of Technology and Production Organization (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495562.9 Coal Industry Jinan Design & Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.494928.a Research Institute "Pilot" (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495412.f Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones (China)
grid-institutes:grid.447801.e Railway Research Institute (Czechia)
grid-institutes:grid.495029.3 Scientific Research Institute of Precision Mechanics (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.280939.9 3C Institute
grid-institutes:grid.495081.1 Ukrainian Research Institute of Cable Industry (Ukraine)
grid-institutes:grid.457233.4 Ecological Engineering Institute
grid-institutes:grid.507055.2 Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495765.c Nanjing Water Conservancy Planning & Design Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.494967.1 Tver Wagon Building Institute (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495873.4 Tianjin Rubber Industry Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495779.1 Ningbo Transportation Planning and Design Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495903.2 Chambroad Chemical Industry Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495502.f Wuhan Institute of Geo-Environmental Industry and Technology (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495556.e Shenzhen Institute of Innovation Design (China)
grid-institutes:grid.469985.f East Institute Refractories (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.494874.2 Research Institute VOLGA (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495387.4 Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey & Design Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495846.2 Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495359.7 Jinan Foundry and Metalforming Machinery Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495292.1 Anhui East China Institute of Optoelectronic Technology (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495427.9 Jiangsu Radio Scientific Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.512310.4 Institute of Reactor Materials (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495283.1 China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495631.c China Building Standard Design and Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495892.b Coal Industry Taiyuan Design and Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495422.c Jiangsu Province Metallurgical Design Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.494878.e Research Institute of Measuring Devices (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495333.b Hefei Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495052.f The Ural Scientific-Research Institute of Architecture and Construction (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.494726.a Central Research Institute for Special Machinery (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495305.e China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495696.1 Hunan Xiangdian Test Research Institute (China)
grid-institutes:grid.495055.8 The Russian Research Institute of the Tube & Pipe Industries (Russia)
grid-institutes:grid.495611.e Beijing Guodaotong Highway Design & Research Institute (China)
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sg:ontologies/subjects/catalytic-dna Catalytic DNA