SN SciGraph allows to access information from across the research landscape, i.e. the things, documents, people, places and relations of importance to the science and scholarly domain.

The Datasets: At a Glance section contains a detailed summary of the information entities available in SN SciGraph.

The SN SciGraph Explorer (this website) is a navigation tool that has two main functionalities targeted at different audiences.


General users can explore the SN SciGraph data landscape in an interactive manner by clicking on a node in the graph, viewing the information associated with it, and then following on to the next node.

Using this approach one can explore the page for a journal, e.g. Nature, a grant, e.g. "Parties, Parliament and the Brexit Process", a topic, e.g. Organic Chemistry, or an organization, e.g. King's College Hospital.

This approach is open-ended and exploratory in nature, and does not require any technical expertise (apart from some basic understanding of linked data principles) and thus is suitable for all audiences who want to discover the range of things available in SciGraph, and how they are related.


Developers and linked data specialists can get rich data descriptions for SN SciGraph things by using the Linked Data API, or by downloading our data in bulk.

The Linked Data API allows users to dereference any SciGraph URL and obtain a machine-processable version of it, simply by using HTTP content negotiation. By default an HTML representation is returned, which is what you would see by accessing the SciGraph URL with a browser.

Multiple data serializations are available, for example JSON-LD (content-type application/ld+json), N-Triples (content-type application/n-triples), Turtle (content-type text/turtle), or RDF/XML (content-type application/rdf+xml). To see how this works in practice, view the developers panel available for each SciGraph page.

The dowloads page contains information about how to obtain a full copy of the SN SciGraph dataset, so that it can reused offline.

Different Creative Commons licenses apply to different parts of the datasets, so make sure you take a look at the license page.

Further info

The News & Articles section contains links to tutorials, learning materials and other resources related to SciGraph.