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Subject Predicate Object
journal-brands:012496b06989edb434c6b8e1d0b0a7db sg:copyrightHolder Macmillan Publishers Ltd
sg:hasMetricsEvent metrics-events:17148df934a02dfa6d953797e5fa1bbb
sg:hasProductMarketCode product-market-codes:A11007
sg:imprint Springer Nature
sg:isActivePublication true
sg:isContentPublished true
sg:language English
sg:publisher Nature Publishing Group UK
sg:scigraphId 012496b06989edb434c6b8e1d0b0a7db
sg:shortTitle Nature
sg:subtitle International weekly journal of science
sg:title Nature
rdf:type sg:JournalBrand
rdfs:label JournalBrand: Nature

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